The modern golf course is evolving. Bunker placement and bunker features impact overall course playability and demand. Bunkers are one of the core elements of overall course personality. Advances in bunker design can greatly reduce course maintenance costs, which are heavily impacted by necessary bunker upgrades and repair. Bunker renovation work should be undertaken by those with experience and expertise. Poorly designed and constructed bunkers can result in massive costs to owners. This is where Fusion Golf can help!

Bunker Rennovation

Fusion Golf was formed to meet the growing needs of golf course investors, owners, builders, architects, and contractors.. Are you ready for an upgrade? Needing to relocate bunkers on your course? Let Fusion Golf show you why we’re the trusted solution for thousands of golf course investors, managers and superintendents throughout the world.

Durable Functionality Using The Newest Technology

You can bet we’re going to turn out a beautiful golf course. Check out our portfolio! But, it’s how our course elements perform where we really shine. Using some of the best modern bunker solutions, we can transform your bunkers. When we design, construct and remodel bunkers, we’re keeping future maintenance needs in mind, as bunker repair and maintenance work remains one of the largest maintenance costs incurred by course owners. We take advantage of the latest technology, capitalizing on advancements that are operating budget friendly. Today’s modern bunker solutions can boast useful lives of up to 10 years, depending on the course environment and usage. In our renovations, we’re going to balance aesthetics with practical matters such as:

  • life expectancy of design elements
  • erosion factors
  • exposures specific to the course environment
  • sand contamination risks
  • accessibility for maintenance vehicles and other equipment

Sometimes fewer bunkers are requested and our golf course renovation services include beautiful solutions for bunker removal.

Our bunkers are going to be functional and they’re designed to stand the test of time. Importantly, you can also be assured our renovation work meets the standards of the game of golf. We only build bunkers congruent with the USGA’s Rules of Golf.

Bunker Safety

Whether you’re taking your first swing with the sunrise or chasing daylight after a full day of work, you expect a course that is safe for play. Whether you’re a superintendent keeping a course up to par or an owner counting on a functionally sound asset, you need a course with greatly limited liability. This is exactly what you can expect from Fusion Golf. We study the research and trends in insurance, course maintenance and player safety. We follow OSHA feedback specific to the golf industry and monitor research coming out of the United States Golfing Association (USGA). What we learn plays into the courses we design and renovate.

Partners With Your Architect

Fusion Golf can take the golf course bunker design you’ve put together and make it a reality. We can work with basic plans and fill in the details, or we can simply take the design and build your bunkers to plan. With our years of experience, we’ve seen what works and know where the “sand traps” may emerge. Golf courses are our business day in and day out so we’re on top of the trends and stand ready to guide as desired. Contact Fusion Golf today for bunker work you can be confident in for years to come.


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